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How to implement blockchain in the company?
Next, we will present practical steps:
1. Evaluation of economic efficiency of blockchain.

This step is key, as the blockchain are not needed for all companies and not in each unit. Accordingly, the earlier a reasonable forecast is received, the faster it is possible to proceed to implementation. At this stage for any company is the difficulty of combining traditional investment techniques (discounting, of the cash flows and payback period) with the technology assessments (simulation of the blockchain and forecast of its applications, the choice of optimal set of features). When working with ordinary specialists, the calculation of an adequate forecast will take from a week to several months. Platform ISOTIS will present detailed justification for 15 minutes after entering the data in the form of technical specifications and the adjusted forecast for the most challenging situations for 12 hours. This is possible due to the combination of econometrics techniques, investment analysis and the unique ISOint algorithm.

2. Development and testing of blockchain for the company.

Under the usual scheme-the company needs to find specialists, but since the blockchain wing is quite young, there is a high risk of unqualified personnel and possible errors — that for a large company it is dangerous to lose funds or important information. In addition, the term of execution of works significantly increases. Cooperation with the ISOTIS platform, in addition to similar developer outsourcing, allows the company to save time and get free technical support of blockchain. In fact, the customer only needs to complete the terms of reference, make a payment and participate in the testing of the individually adapted blockchain.

3. Implementation and improvement of blockchain system in the organization.

The standard operating mode will require the introduction of a dedicated officer — or even a few professionals who will oversee the system. This carries both material and labor costs for the company. When working with the project ISOTIS — most of the actions are carried out remotely, and individual operations, if necessary, are carried out by exit specialists of ISOTIS. In addition, the client company is able to access the library of updates through the platform, and around the clock receive instructions and advice on working in the system.

Thus, cooperation with the project ISOTIS blockchain implementation for the company has the following advantages:
Сost savings — the availability of ready-made developments on the platform of ISOTIS allows you to minimize the amount of improvements, which reduces the price by 50–90% of conventional solutions
Elimination of the probability of unjustified introduction of blockchain-the company at the very beginning receives a calculation of the economic efficiency of the implementation on the basis of the forecast from the ISOTIS platform
Time savings of 60–90% — as standard templates have already been developed by the ISOTIS team
Free support of the project after implementation — through participation in the affiliate program ISOTIS (available in the presence of tokens of the project — KITcoins)
Labour-saving decision– no need to engage a separate specialist blockchain — all these problems are solved, the team ISOTIS
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In addition, we consider alternative offers from you – in other areas of marketing.
As a ISOTIS bounty - partner –after the ICO completion you get 500 KIT coins (=0.5 ETH) and access to services after the platform launching (on the of blockchain development for your company) for free during the year.
Information partner
As an information partner of the ISOTIS - upon the ICO completion you get 5000 KIT coins (=5 ETH) and access to services after the platform launching (on the blockchain development for your company) for free during the year.
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